My go- to makeup products

Helloo! I hope you’re having a happy start to your week! ⭐️

I wanted to share with you some of my makeup products that are my absolute go to! These are definitly some of my favourites and ones I’ve sworn by for quite a while now.

When the internet blew up over this primer I knew I had to try it! And I haven’t turned back since! It really smoothes out the texture of my skin so my foundation goes on really smoothley and becasue it is a lil bit thicker, compared to other primers I’ve tried, it hydrates the skin too. (life saver for those dry skin days!)

I love love loooove the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. It’s medium to full coverage and has a matte finish. I have fairly pinkish cheeks and have always struggled to find a foundation to cover it to a point where I’m happy and this foundation covers them so well with just one coat. So you really don’t need to use a lot! It also feels pretty lightweight so if you aren’t really a fan of ‘feeling like you have makeup on’ like me then its a good pick.

I am the queen of dark undereyes! So with concealer I’m all about that brightening and coverage. The benefit Bo-ing cakeless concealer is really easy to blend, (I use a beauty blender), and covers my undereyes and blemishes really well. Plus the packaging is so so cute!

I found that when I just put foundation over my dark circles sometimes it can kind of draw more attention to it and not give it the colour I’m after. I use the Barry M colour correcting wand always now, just to neutralise the colour more and give my skin tone a more even look.

My eyebrows are already fairly full but in some places look a lil sparce, so I like to use the benefit Ka– Brow to fill them in. The product spreads across my brows really easilly so I don’t need to use a lot. Tip: to spread the product even further sometimes I wet my brush slightly before dipping it into the gel, I think it just makes the texture look smoother on my brows.

Beauty tip: I would definitly reccomend buying products from the brand stands in shops if you can. Not only can they colour match you so you aren’t risking buying the wrong shade but sometimes if you’re lucky you might get some freebies too! Recently I got some free satchets of primer… who doesn’t love a freebie!

Thank you for reading! What are your go to makeup products??


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