July Book Club

Happy Sunday!!⭐️

It’s time for our monthly book club! Today I wanted to show you two books which I have read this month, both of which were really good in their different ways.

The Rosie Project- Graeme Simsion

Rating- 5/5

Would you recommend?- Definitely!

Admittedly, I have read this book before. When trying to think of what book I wanted to read in July, I remembered reading The Rosie Project about 3 years ago and how much I loved it then! And after reading it for a second time I love it just as much.

I usually don’t really read romance based books but everything about this book from the cover, the blurb and the reviews made me gravitate towards it. The main characters Dom and Rosie are so likeable, so much so, you don’t want to put the book down. NEED to know what happens next! It also has lots of twists and turns which I love in a book, whilst also have some very funny moments too… I did laugh out loud a couple of times. The ending was really great too… which of course is just as important! There are also two sequel books which I will have to get my hands on soon.

The Man I Think I Know- Mike Gayle

Rating- 3/5

Would you recommend?- Yes

In last months bookclub I read a book for the first time by Mike Gayle called Half a World Away and I loved it! I really wanted to read another one of his books and saw ‘The Man I Think I Know’ had great reviews and without hesitation I bought it! The books writing style is really interesting and something I found engaging. You read from the two main characters, (James and Danny), perspectives and it really captures you in and makes you really get to know them. In terms of characterisation I wouldn’t say I ‘loved’ them, at times I did find it hard to like them. And so that meant I wasn’t experiencing that ‘I can’t put this book down’ feeling… which is my favourite thing! But with that being said as the book went on it did get more interesting and I can appreciate the message it gets across of Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.

What books are you reading at the moment??

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