June favourites


Helloo again! ⭐️

Today I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite things from June!


Barry M nail polish- Candy Floss

I absolutely love pastel colours, especially for nail polish! To be honest I’ll even wear pastel colours during the winter and make it an all year thing rather than just for the summer time! This candy floss coloured one from Barry M is one of my favourites and I just think its one of those colours that’ll go with pretty much any outfit and it looks really cute. Barry M is one of my favourite nail polish brands, they do so many colours and they’re pretty cheap too.

John Frieda Frizz ease serum

I have been using this serum for a couple of months, but now we are starting to get some sun… (well a little bit of sun, which is good for England!), my hair has been starting to get a lil on the frizzy side even more than it usually does. I don’t know what it is about my hair but it just does not like to stay straight… hair straighteners are my life savour! But since using this serum its definitely helps me keep my hair under control and it stays straighter for longer. This is my second bottle now!

Revolution Fix and Glow setting spray

So when it comes to makeup I’m definitely more of a fan of the glowwy look for myself rather than the matte look. I have quite oily skin and I found in the past when I go matte it just kinda highlights the oily look… I don’t know, I’m no makeup artist so maybe I’m doing something wrong haha. But I really like this spray, its refreshing to use, keeps my makeup in place and just adds a nice dewy look which makes my foundation look smoother.



Since finishing University I have found myself with a lot more free time which at first was great but now I’m a couple of weeks in I’m like… okay bored now. I used to love drawing a few years ago and thought I’d start again. I’m definitely not an artist thats for sure haha… but I think its so important to mix things up and try new things. I’m trying to minimise how much time I’m spending on my phone so sticking in my headphones and doodling away is making a nice change.


I’ve also been wanting to get more active and now with lots more free time I don’t really have any excuse. I used to play a bit of badminton at school and sometimes I find the gym a lil boring so this has been a great way for me to get out and get active. I also find I’m not clock watching with badminton like I do the gym haha. I try and go around two times a week and it definitely makes me want to find some new sports to get involved in.

What new things did you get up too in June?? Or did you find any new products that you now love?? 🙂

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